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Graduate School Orientation Agenda

Please review the following agenda for the Spring 2018 Graduate Student Orientation before registering. You'll want to review the breakout sessions below to make sure you pick what is most interesting to you.

Registration can be found at the bottom of this page.

All Day
Student Union
Cajun Card Services
Your Cajun Card—your university ID—will be one of the most important items in your wallet. For those who haven’t yet received their Cajun Card, you’re welcome to visit Cajun Card Services in the Student Union. All you need to bring is a form of picture-ID and your ULID number.
Dupré Library
Campus Tour
Optional campus tour, starting at Dupré Library, for those wanting the grad student view of campus.
Student Union 2nd Floor
Orientation Sign-In
Students can sign-in and receive Orientation materials.
Constantine Forum
The UL Lafayette Experience
This early session is designed for students new to UL Lafayette and the Lafayette area. We’ll walk students through the basics of being a student at UL Lafayette and a transplant to the heart of Cajun Country. 
Constantine Forum
Welcome Session
A general welcome session for all new graduate students.
Constantine Forum
Grad Coordinators, Grad Mentors, & You: Creating & Maintaining Good Relationships
It’s important to get off to a good start in grad school. Hear firsthand from a Graduate Coordinator panel about  doing just that. Graduate Coordinators serve as a student’s primary academic advisor, and as such, an amicable yet professional relationship should be built with them from day one.
Student Union
2nd Floor Foyer
UL Lafayette for You: Mingle, Meet, & Eat
While having lunch, students are welcome to learn about campus organizations and resources through an informational yet informal networking session. Lunch will be provided to graduate students.
Constantine Forum
Session A: Making the Transition to Graduate School
(for those beginning Master’s or Graduate Certificate programs)
Hear from current Master’s-level students regarding what to expect as a grad  student from course work to scheduling to final exams. The student panel will also provide insights and advice for making the transition to graduate studies as a life style,   providing tips for time management, interactions with faculty, friends, and family, and stress management. 
Conference Room
Session B: Making the Transition to Doctoral Studies
(for those beginning Ph.D., Ed.D., or D.N.P. programs)
Current doctoral students will share their own experiences when entering a doctoral program and with the transition from the Master’s level to the doctoral level. Students will discuss research strategies, the advisor-advisee relationship, and the dissertation writing process.
1:30-2:15pm Breakout Sessions #1
Constantine Forum Session A: $$$ for You: Research and Travel Funding for Grad Students 
Being successful in Grad School means conducting and presenting research—and that means having access to money to fund research and travel. This session will introduce you to the ins-and-outs of applying for and using University funds from the Graduate Student   Organization, Student Government  Association, and individual graduate programs. 
Magnolia Conference
Session B: Knowing What You Need and Where to Find It
This session will discuss the offices on campus that can help you deal with graduate school in the form of counseling, testing, disability, and academic assistance. While designed for all students, those with teaching responsibilities will find this session especially useful for guiding undergraduate students from all ends of the academic, athletic, and personal spectrum.  
2:30-3:​15pm Breakout Sessions #2
Magnolia Conference Room Session A: Career Planning from the Start 
Grad School is but one step in your journey to a career. Building the best resume or CV means being career-focused from the start of your graduate studies and throughout. Learn about career planning strategies from Career Services representatives and select graduate faculty at this session.
Pelican Conference Room Session B: Staying Well in Graduate School: Tips and Resources                                                
Sure grad school is tough on the body and mind, so how do you stay healthy throughout your studies? Attend this session to learn tips and strategies for maintaining your mental and physical health while pursuing your graduate degree. Representatives from Student Health Services and Bourgeois Hall will be on hand to talk about the resources available to UL Lafayette graduate students.
Constantine Forum Session C: Human Resources: Paperwork and Policies 
(Mandatory for all GAs, GRAs, and GTAs  and Fellows with last names starting with A-M)    
Presentation of Human Resources and Graduate School policies and completion of University employee paperwork. Bring photocopies of all required documents. 
Constantine Forum
Culture of Scholarly Integrity & Public Safety                                                        
This session for all students will address our culture of scholarly integrity, Title IX, the Student Code of Conduct, and campus safety. While all students should attend, the session is mandatory for all Graduate Assistants (GAs, GTAs, and GRAs) and Fellows.
4:15-5:00pm Breakout Session #3
Magnolia Conference Room Session A: Maintenance Required: Developing and Maintaining a Positive Relationship with Your Advisor
As a grad student, your success is based not only on your academic achievement and abilities, but also on developing a positive working relationship with your advisor. This session will leave you with helpful tips for navigating the student/advisor partnership, from preventative maintenance to breakdown repair to lifetime maintenance. 
Pelican Conference Room Session B: Reading, Writing, and Researching as a Graduate Student                            
How do you approach coursework now that you’ve transitioned from undergrad to graduate work? This session will cover how best to make the transition to grad work and to approach assignments from a new perspective. Also, this session features University librarians discussing the  services that the UL Lafayette Dupré Library provides for your research, instruction, and writing.
Constantine Forum Session C: Human Resources: Paperwork and Policies 
(Mandatory for all GAs, GRAs, and GTAs and Fellows with last names starting with N-Z)    
Presentation of Human Resources and Graduate School policies and completion of University employee paperwork. Bring photocopies of all required documents.


Now that you've reviewed the agenda, you are ready to register for Spring 2018 Graduate Student Orientation. 

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