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Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering is geared toward the rapid design and development of large and complex systems.

Systems Engineering integrates all the specialty and sub-specialty groups of engineering disciplines into a team whose efforts result in a structured development process that proceeds from concept to production to operation. Example systems include coastal ecosystems, water treatment facilities, computer networks, visualization platforms, deep-water drilling operations, highway safety systems, biofuels production facilities, robotic units, refineries, fiber optic networks, aircraft, vehicle control systems, biomass gasification units, management of utilities during disaster events, and power grids.

Each of the five engineering departments at UL Lafayette participates in the offering of the Systems Engineering Ph.D. degree with a discipline concentration within each department. This innovative program builds upon the research-based learning experience associated with most Engineering Ph.D. programs by adding the additional learned skill set of Systems Engineering principals.

The graduate of this program is expected to be highly appealing to both industry and academic positions. The applicant is required to select a concentration (specialization) department from within the college – chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or petroleum engineering. Hence, the graduate exits the program with a strong specialized knowledge appropriate of a traditional engineering Ph.D. coupled with expertise in the application of systems theory toward solving complex problems within their specialty. The program does accept direct Ph.D. (student has a B.S. in an acknowledged engineering field) and Post-M.S. (previously obtained a M.S.) applicants.

The College of Engineering at UL Lafayette was ranked among the country's best in the U.S. News & World Report's 2023 edition of "Best Graduate Schools."

This program prepares its students for licensure or certification within the state of Louisiana. For more information regarding credentialing requirements, including important information if you plan to move out of state, please visit the licensure programs page.

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Dr. Jim Lee
Phone: 337-482-5354
Rougeous Hall, 244

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