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Rediscover Your Why: Clarifying Your Purpose in Grad School

Monday, December 14, at 12pm

Dr. Beth Godbee: Graduate Career Consortium Speaker and Contributor to InsideHigherEd, Independent Scholar, and Founder of Heart-Head-Hands: Everyday Living for Justice

What brought you to graduate studies? What do you hope to take away? What work are you called to in the world? And why this work? Designed for graduate students across disciplines, this interactive workshop focuses on reconnecting with your why. Together, we’ll engage in contemplative practices aimed at clarifying motivations and using commitments to guide decisions throughout and beyond graduate studies. Visit the presentation site for more details.

Beth Godbee, Ph.D. is an educator, writer, entrepreneur, and former professor whose research addresses matters of social, racial, and environmental justice; power, agency, and epistemic rights; and relational communication. As an educator, Beth believes our fully embodied selves matter in the world. We can’t just think our way out of the incredible injustices, dehumanization, and wrongdoing that characterize everyday life. We must feel and act, too. Dr. Godbee brings experiences as a K-12 teacher; community literacy instructor; undergraduate research mentor; writing center consultant; writing program administrator; facilitator of community-based learning; and researcher in composition, rhetoric, and literacy studies. Since leaving a tenured faculty position in 2018, Dr. Godbee has founded Heart Head Hands, LLC. As part of this work, she offers “Career Discernment for Academics: Aligning Career with Commitments” and writes for Inside Higher Ed.

The recording of Dr. Godbee's workshop can be viewed here