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Forms and Resources for Thesis, Dissertation, & Synthesis Project Writers

  • Guidelines for Preparation of Theses, Dissertations, & Synthesis Projects (Revised Fall 2017) - HTML
  • Copyright Compliance Form - PDF
  • Update to Committee Form - PDF
  • Request for Thesis/Dissertation Embargo - PDF
  • Instructions for Submitting Your Thesis/Dissertation to ProQuest - PDF

Title Page Template - WORD
Abstract Page Template - WORD
Approval Page Template - WORD

Summer 2022 Graduation Clearance Guidance

Refer to the University academic calendar on the Registrar’s website for a complete list of dates and deadlines.

The Graduate School will continue to require that preliminary/comprehensive/qualifying exams, foreign language proficiency exams, and defenses (prospectus/projects/thesis/ dissertation/synthesis projects) be conducted remotely through videoconferencing platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams (accessed through University licenses) during Spring 2022.
The Graduate School returned to assigning outside observers to thesis, dissertation, and synthesis project defenses/presentations as required by University policy. Outside observers also may be requested using the Outside Observer Request Form.
To report a successful defense and to initiate the final review and approval process of a thesis, dissertation, or DNP synthesis project the following two things must happen:
  1. Graduate Faculty Members:  The committee chairperson must report the successful defense and committee approval of the manuscript by completing the new Preliminary Approval of Thesis, Dissertation, or DNP Synthesis Project Manuscript Webform.
  2. Graduating Students:  The manuscript author and graduating student must provide key information to guide our editors in the manuscript review process by completing the new Defended Manuscript Submission and Contact Information Webform.
Receipt of these two webforms triggers the Graduate School (1) to provide instructions to the graduating student on how to upload their manuscript for our final review and approval process and (2) to confirm from each committee member their approval of both the defense and the manuscript.

Through Spring 2022, please refer also to the Guidance for Submitting Forms at