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Thesis, Dissertation, & Synthesis Project Writers

During the period of remote operations beginning in Spring 2020, please refer also to
the Guidance for Submitting Forms at

Below are documents and forms specific to thesis, dissertation, and synthesis project writers:

  • Guidelines for Preparation of Theses, Dissertations, & Synthesis Projects (Revised Fall 2017) - HTML
  • Copyright Compliance Form - PDF
  • Update to Committee Form - PDF
  • Request for Thesis/Dissertation Embargo - PDF
  • Preliminary Approval of Draft of Thesis, Dissertation, or DNP Synthesis Project - PDF
  • Instructions for Submitting Your Thesis/Dissertation to ProQuest - PDF

  Title Page Template - WORD

   Abstract Page Template - WORD

  Approval Page Templates

  • Three-Member Committee Template - WORD
  • Four-Member Committee Template - WORD
  • Five-Member Committee Template - WORD