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Prospective Students

Below are all forms that prospective students need when applying to Graduate School:

  • Apply for Graduate Admission - ONLINE
    Please submit your application for admission via the online application.  If you are unable to access the online version, you may request a paper application by emailing your request and reason for request to  Thank you.
  • Apply for Graduate Assistantship - DOC - PDF
  • Apply for Doctoral Fellowship - DOC - PDF
  • Apply for Master's Fellowship - DOC - PDF
  • Apply for Alumni Association Scholarship - DOC - PDF
  • Financial Information Form - DOC - PDF
    (for International Students only)
  • Immunization Form - PDF
    (Updated form - Effective immediately, applicants may submit either an electronic or original copy of the Immunization Form.)
  • Letters of Reference (3) - DOC - PDF
  • Recommendation Form (ONLY for DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) applicants) - PDF
  • Request to Update Application/Defer Admission form - DOC - PDF
    Complete this form to request an update in your semester of application or in your semester of admission.