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College of the Arts Graduate Faculty

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Name Department Level
Dan W. Burkett Architecture 1
Thomas Cline Architecture 2
M. Jean Edwards Architecture 1
Adam Feld Architecture 1
William Geoffrey Gjertson Architecture 2
Liane Hancock Architecture 2
Hector Lasala Architecture 1
Ashlie Latiolais Architecture 2
BoSheng Liu Architecture 1
Andy F. Loewy Architecture 1
Kiwana McClung Architecture 1
Michael A. McClure Architecture 2
Corey Saft Architecture 2
Thomas C. Sammons Architecture 2
Kari Smith Architecture 2
Sarah Young Architecture 2
Garth Alper Music 2
Wesley Bradford Music 1
Margaret Daniel Music 2
Mark F. DeWitt Music 2
Susanna P. Garcia Music 2
Jeffrey L. George Music 2
Quincy C. Hilliard Music 2
William J. Hochkeppel Music 2
Yuling Huang-Davie Music 1
Jonathan Kulp Music 1
Chan Kiat Lim Music 2
Andrea Loewy Music 2
Paul D. Morton Music 1
Chris Munson Music 2
William Plummer Music 1
Mary J. Reichling Music 1
Catherine Roche-Wallace Music 2
Shawn Roy Music 1
Benjamin Yates Music 1
David DuBose Visual Arts 1
Claire Schultz Visual Arts 2