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Masters in Psychology

The graduate program in psychology offers a Master of Science degree in General Psychology. Coursework is intended to offer advanced education in psychological science and to help students become competitive for admission to doctoral-level training programs in both applied (e.g., clinical, counseling) and experimental (e.g., cognitive, developmental) fields of study in psychology. The Psychology Master's degree is not intended for students seeking master's-level professional licensure.

The program provides foundational training in core areas of psychology, but also provides students the flexibility to design a sequence of coursework best suited to their future academic and career aspirations. All students seeking a master's degree in psychology must complete a thesis under the supervision of a graduate faculty member. Faculty members have expertise in Clinical, Cognitive, Counseling, Developmental, Educational, Physiological, and Social Psychology, as well as specialties in Behavior Analysis and Health.

Students may elect to complete a practicum experience, which involves training and experience in providing professional psychological services to members of the community. Students must meet prerequisites for practicum and be successfully evaluated before being admitted to the practicum course.

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Application Deadlines

All application materials should be submitted by March 1. Students seeking admission to the Psychology program can only be admitted for the fall semester.

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Additional Application Materials

In addition to the general Graduate School application materials, all applicants must submit:

  • A curriculum vitae (or academic resume)
  • A personal statement that comments on the applicant's prior psychology-relevant experiences and career goals, and that discusses how the program would help achieve those goals. Applicants are encouraged to name faculty members with whom they would be most interested in working on research projects, and to mention why they think such member(s) would provide appropriate mentorship. An APA-style writing sample is encouraged but not required.
  • Official GRE scores are not required, but will be accepted as supplementary material. This may be advantageous for students with weaknesses in their application (e.g., low GPA) looking to strengthen their portfolio. The departmental admissions committee will not consider GRE scores when making assistantship decisions.


Dr. Emily Sandoz
Phone: 337-482-1479
Girard Hall, 202A