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Masters in Counseling

The Counseling master's program, jointly administered by the College of Education & Human Development, the College of Liberal Arts, and the Graduate School, is designed to prepare graduate students to assume roles as school counselors, community counselors, Masters in Counselingand vocational rehabilitation counselors offering concentrations in each of these three areas.

The student who successfully completes the Master of Science in counseling will have satisfied the education requirements for several state and national certifications and licenses. All concentrations include hands-on clinical experiences through a practicum and internship.

Our counseling master's programs are designed so you meet the educational requirements to become licensed or certified as a mental health counselor or school counselor in Louisiana. For more information regarding credentialing requirements, please visit the licensure programs page.

Visit the Department of Counseling website for more information.


All students are required to take 9-12 credit hours each semester. After you complete your core courses and those for your concentration, you will have to complete a 600-hour internship in an area relevant to your concentration.


Our master's in counseling curriculum aligns with professional standards so you get the education and experience you need to meet the demands of a counseling career. Our curriculum includes courses on advanced counseling techniques, family counseling, substance abuse counseling, multicultural counseling, play therapy, crisis counseling and grief counseling.

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Career Opportunities

Earning your counseling master’s degree will prepare you for a career in counseling, helping children and adults with their relationships, mental health, and personal goals. After you’ve earned your master’s degree, you’ll be prepared to work as a school counselor or community counselor, working to help improve other people’s lives.

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Additional Application Materials

In addition to completing the Grad School application and submitting the following:

  • Official GRE test scores.
  • A resume of counseling related work or volunteer experiences.
  • A 500-750 word writing sample responding to the following prompt:

The Counseling Program at UL maintains the following as its mission statement: “The mission of the Department of Counseling at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is to develop Professional Counselors who embody ethical practice, respect for diversity, and a strong professional identity by integrating, theory, research, and practice into a competency-based curriculum, for service to K-12 schools and in various mental health settings.”                   

1. How do your personal career goals relate to the Mission?

2. Given that “respect for diversity” is integral to our mission, how do your previous experiences, interests, and worldview support your potential for success in building interpersonal relationships with culturally different individuals?

3. The choice to become a professional counselor sets in motion a number of consequences that have the potential to affect multiple aspects of your life. Among these are your relationships, financial situation, lifestyle, family life, and self-image; therefore, self-care for counselors is an important skill set. In what ways are you helping yourself prepare for those potential changes and a heavy workload?


Application Deadline

For the master's in counseling, students are only admitted for the fall semester. The deadline to apply each year is March 1st.


Graduate Coordinator

Dr. Irvin Esters
Phone: 337-482-5261
Picard Center, 231