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Outside Observer Availability Form

The Graduate Council requires the Dean of the Graduate School to assign a member of the Graduate Faculty as an Outside Observer to a representative sampling of thesis/dissertation defenses and synthesis project presentations. (See policies governing Outside Observers.)

Outside observers are not members of the defense committee. Rather, outside observers represent the Graduate Faculty more broadly and are asked to be present for the entire defense/presentation, ask questions if they would like, and observe any committee deliberations. They should not, however, participate in committee deliberations or vote on the outcome of the defense/presentation. Upon completion of the defense/presentation, the outside observer completes a short survey. While an observer has no vote per se, the information and comments provided are vital in maintaining the standards of graduate degrees at UL Lafayette.

The Dean of the Graduate School will assign outside observers as requested. We ask members of the Graduate Faculty who are available to serve in this capacity to let us know here.

Please select the type of delivery method in which you feel most comfortable serving as an outside observer.
Please select all of the remote platforms you are willing to use.
Please list any remote platforms you are comfortable using.