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Engaging Constructively and Productively with Graduate Students

Appointment to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Graduate Faculty recognizes significant scholarly and/or professional accomplishments and the ability to work constructively with graduate students.

The Graduate Faculty Membership Review Committee has compiled the following list of activities to support the academic colleges and faculty who are applying for membership or reappointment to the Graduate Faculty.

While it is not intended to be exhaustive, this list includes examples of activities that demonstrate productive engagement within graduate programs and, thus, an ability to work constructively with graduate students.

  • Attend Graduate School faculty workshops
  • Direct theses, dissertations, and synthesis projects (and especially to degree completion)
  • Serve as a member of thesis, dissertation, and synthesis project committees (and especially to degree completion)
  • Teach independent/directed studies with graduate students
  • Serve on a department-level graduate appeals, curriculum, and/or diversity committees
  • Serve on University committees that support graduate education and graduate student success (e.g., Graduate Council or one of its standing committees, University Committee for Graduate Student Success and Retention, James Jackson Community of Scholars, IRB)
  • Participate in Graduate School programming and/or digital support (e.g., mentoring or motivation videos) for graduate students
  • Offer or participate in department-level faculty mentoring workshops
  • Offer or participate in department-level workshops for students about funding agencies and/or grant writing
  • Offer or participate in department-level publishing workshops for students
  • Offer or participate in department-level job placement initiatives such as cv review, mock interviews, etc.
  • Offer or participate in writing support groups or writing bootcamps for graduate students
  • Offer or participate in teaching workshops for graduate teaching assistants
  • Offer or participate in research integrity workshops for graduate students
  • Observe graduate students' teaching and offer feedback and support for improving teaching
  • Lead a reading group for graduate students
  • Lead an exam study group for graduate students preparing for comprehensive exams
  • Lead a writing group for graduate students
  • Co-teach a course with graduate students
  • Guide and provide feedback to graduate students who are preparing to submit manuscripts for publication
  • Co-author or collaborate with graduate students on conference papers, reviews, articles, and books
  • Write recommendation letters for students
  • Nominate graduate students for awards
  • Engage in outreach efforts such as guest speaking at universities or attending grad expos in the state and/or region about graduate school
  • Work with undergraduate students in the Ronald McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program and other programs that support undergraduate research opportunities and preparation for graduate school
  • Work with undergraduate students in preparing their graduate or professional school applications