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Funding Your Students

Thank you for supporting our graduate students.


Please also review the information on our COVID-19 & Coronavirus Updates page for important information about submitting an assistantship appointment.


In making an assistantship offer, please ensure that you are doing so (1) guided by the University policy and guidelines governing graduate assistantship appointments, (2) using the standardized offer letter templates, and (3) following up, upon acceptance, by submitting (a) the required Departmental Financial Award Notification (DFAN) for international students and (b) the Graduate Assistantship Personnel Action Summary Form for each appointment.

The Catalog policy, the Guidelines for Hiring Graduate Assistants, and standardized offer templates are available below.

Contact the Graduate School if you have questions.

Graduate Assistant Catalog Policies

How to Hire a Graduate Assistant (Under Construction)

Graduate Assistantship Personnel Action Summary Form

Graduate Assistantship Offer Letter Generator - GRANT FUNDED or TEACHING ASSISTANTSHIPS ONLY (Updated 17 November 2021)

  • Multiple Appointment Types
    • Graduate Assistantships
    • Graduate Research Assistantships
    • Graduate Teaching Assistantships
  • Multiple Pay Types
    • Tuition Waiver with Stipend
    • Tuition Waiver only
  • Multiple Appointment Terms
    • Academic Year
    • Fall only
    • Spring only
  • Letterhead Options
    • with Graduate School Letterhead
    • print on your letterhead
  • Reappointment/Continuation Options
    • by Month/Year
    • by Graduate Students' term of study
    • by Grant Period
  • Fully Customizable Paragraph