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Teacher Tuition Incentive Program

About the Teacher Tuition Incentive Program

Begun by President Ray Authement, the UL Lafayette Teacher Tuition Incentive Program assists currently-employed K-12 teachers and administrators as they pursue graduate studies. These tuition awards are dependent upon availability of funds and the requirements outlined below.

To Apply

For initial consideration, applications must be submitted no later than midnight on Friday, July 28, 2017


Teacher Tuition Incentive Awards are available to graduate-student-teacher-educators (1) who are employed in a K-12 school system (public or private), (2) who are admitted to any doctoral, Master’s, or graduate certificate program or are admitted as a Master’s + 30 graduate student, and (3) who are enrolled in graduate-level courses in any college/ discipline applicable to their degree.

• Applicants will be required to provide proof of employment in the form of a memo from their principal, direct supervisor, or Human Resources Office verifying employment.
• Entrée students are not eligible to receive a Teacher Tuition Incentive Award.
• Graduate students receiving other forms of financial assistance (e.g., tuition exemption though employing school boards, a graduate assistantship, or the UL Lafayette senior citizen/employee tuition discounts) are not eligible to receive a Teacher Tuition Incentive Award.

Funding Priorities

Funding will be awarded with the following priority considerations:

1. graduate-student-teacher-educators admitted to a doctoral program
2. graduate-student-teacher-educators admitted to a Master’s program
3. graduate-student-teacher-educators admitted to a graduate certificate program or as a Master’s +30 student


To both receive and retain a Teacher Tuition Incentive Award, recipients must:
• submit proof of employment (see above) prior to the first day of classes of the semester of the award
• enroll in the requisite number of graduate credit hours applicable to the degree being sought
• earn a grade of “C” or better in the course(s)
• not earn a grade of “I” (incomplete), resign, or withdraw from the course(s)

Should any of the above requirements not be met, the Teacher Tuition Incentive Award shall be rescinded, all applicable tuition and fees shall be assessed, and the student shall be responsible for any balance due.

Important Notes

*Receipt of application does not guarantee that an applicant shall receive a Teacher Tuition Incentive Award.

*Receipt of a Teacher Tuition Incentive Award in a previous semester does not guarantee future awards. (Applicants must reapply each semester.)

*The Teacher Tuition Incentive Program is dependent upon availability of funds each semester.

*If you have been awarded the Teacher Tuition Incentive, please be sure to provide proof of employment through the webform below. Applications cannot be processed with proper proof of employment. 

If not able to upload proof of employment with this application, please send to by the first day of classes.