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Academic Amnesty

Academic amnesty provides an opportunity for a graduate student or applicant to start a new graduate academic record. When academic amnesty is granted, all credits and grades earned at UL Lafayette while enrolled as a graduate student at an earlier date are no longer recognized and thus are not used in subsequent academic status determinations (including admissions) or grade point average calculations. (Notes: The prior credits and grades will continue to be shown on the permanent academic record. The granting of academic amnesty also does not change a student’s financial aid history.)

Courses for which academic amnesty is granted will:

  • remain on the student’s record (grade transcript)
  • not be included in the calculation of the student’s graduate grade point average
  • not be used to satisfy degree requirements

A request for academic amnesty by an applicant to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Graduate School should be made to the Graduate Appeals Committee and must include:

  • a letter of application that sets forth reason and justification for the request for academic amnesty
  • a letter of support, with any conditions deemed necessary, from the graduate coordinator for the program to which the applicant is seeking admission, endorsed by the Department Head and Dean of the College.
  • all other materials required for graduate admission

Academic amnesty can be considered only if the graduate student applicant has not been enrolled in any college or university at the graduate level for at least two years prior to the effective semester of the amnesty.

Academic amnesty can be considered only if the graduate student applicant is seeking admission as a degree- or certificate-seeking student.

Academic amnesty does not apply to an individual course. Academic amnesty may be requested for all previous courses earned while enrolled as a graduate student at UL Lafayette prior to the semester that amnesty is granted. 

Academic amnesty may be granted to an individual seeking graduate admission only once. Once granted, academic amnesty may not be rescinded.

All requests for academic amnesty will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Requests for academic amnesty do not consider requests to transfer graduate-level credits earned at another institution. For transfer of credit policies, see IV-D-1-6.

The Graduate School at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette does not automatically recognize academic amnesty granted to an applicant at another institution.

Graduate student applicants granted academic amnesty shall be considered only for conditional admission.

Approved by the Graduate Council 10.9.2012

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