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Celebrating Diversity and Disability Awareness at the Dupré Library

Jennifer Ercoli... -- 10/16/2023

As I strolled through the Dupré Library at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette on October 9th, I was inspired by the profound stories and experiences shared by students with disabilities. The month-long disability awareness exhibition, curated by graduate student Katarina Brankovic from the Department of Modern Languages, was not just an exhibition, but a testament to the power of inclusion and the celebration of diversity.

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Crafting a Career: Emily Walker's Path to Athletic Training Success

Jennifer Ercoli... -- 10/09/2023


Emily Walker, a proud Fall 2020 graduate holding a master’s in athletic training and a bachelor’s in kinesiology from UL Lafayette, shares her inspiring journey.

Born and raised in Alexandria, LA, Emily attended a small private school, which lacked an on-site athletic trainer. Undeterred, she took it upon herself to learn injury prevention, recognition, and evaluation. Her passion for athletic training ignited when she tore her ACL while playing soccer in her senior year.

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