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The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Going to Grad School

UL Grad School -- 03/29/2016

Have you ever had someone give you amazing advice? How about awful advice? Well, find out the best and worst advice we've heard about going to grad school.

Struggling with your job search? Just go to grad school!

If you’re struggling searching for a job after obtaining your bachelor’s degree avoiding that struggle with grad school is not the answer. You should want to attend grad school to further your knowledge, advance your career goals, and gain expertise in a particular field.

Your GRE score is all that matters.

While most graduate schools do take seriously your GRE, GMAT or TOEFL scores, many take a different approach—a portfolio approach—in which test scores are not the sole deciding factors. Also, gaining experience doing research and having a diverse range of classes under your belt certainly add to your application. Great letters of reference from professors and bosses who know your real potential can go a long way, too.

Go to the top school that accepts you, even if that means no funding.

Actually, some of the best schools may not have the most prestigious names, but if they fit your interests and offer you funding then that’s a better option than a prestigious name and an egregious amount of debt. You have to consider location, atmosphere, cost, and the department you will be in when making this decision. Being in a graduate program with great faculty mentors, where you’re able to work closely with experts in your prospective field, is the best choice you could ever make.