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Try Out the Pomodoro Technique With Our New Video Series

UL Grad School -- 09/03/2020

We’ve been working on new ways to connect our graduate students amid COVID related restrictions and upheavals. Like our virtual Shut Up and Write sessions held on Zoom over the summer, our Pomodoro Pal series is an easy way to get motivated and find support. Several students told us that they were glad for the chance to use the Pomodoro Technique with other students online but felt a little distracted working on their research live on Zoom.

And we agree. It was strange. So we did some digging and discovered that there's a whole world of online study buddies out there. Yes, full-length videos of people studying while on camera! Who knew?!

Our new Pomodoro Pal video series offers a way for you to do focused work on your own, whenever it works best for you. Our videos follow the Pomodoro Technique time management strategy with the added plus of having a fellow graduate student as your guide.

Our first video features Rade Pavic, an international graduate student in the MBA Program. He had some delays getting back to Lafayette for his first week of the semester so he’s been scheduling longer blocks of more focused time to catch up on classwork. Taking regular breaks using the Pomodoro Technique has been a helpful way for him to stay focused over an extended period of time.

We’ll be keeping this series going as a way to highlight graduate work across different disciplines. If Rade’s video was helpful for you and you’d like to volunteer to be a "Pomodoro Pal," reach out to