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Recipes for Difficult Times: Nourishing our Community through #ULGradEats

UL Grad School -- 09/22/2020

For the past two years, the Graduate School has collected recipes from our community to support grad students in making healthy, inexpensive meals. This year, nourishing our community is more important than ever.

Like many, we here at the Graduate School have tried to embrace the new normal of spending quality time at home by experimenting in the kitchen. Homemade baked goods such as sourdough are more popular than ever, and if you ask us there’s a special place for chocolatey treats in any self-care plan. As a bonus, making baked goods yourself is cost-effective and a healthier alternative to many pre-packaged foods. 

And so, this year’s edition of #ULGradEats will focus on baking. We want to know what recipes are replenishing your soul, giving your joy, and helping you de-stress. When you share a recipe on social media using #ULGradEats, we’ll repost it on our accounts and add it to our upcoming cookbook.

As in years past, we hope this cookbook serves as a valuable resource in helping you choose foods that are good for you and good for your budget.

We know that going to grad school brings financial sacrifice, and food insecurity among students is an increasingly recognized issue.

A 2017 study published in the Review of Research in Education estimated that as many as half of all undergrad college students in the United States are food insecure. While there is currently a lack of research addressing food insecurity among grad students, we recognize that many of our students struggle daily for a myriad of reasons.

In 2018, the University launched the Campus Cupboard as one step to address food insecurity on our campus. #ULGradEats is designed to bring this issue to light while further supporting you in eating well.

Along with our upcoming events and programming, we are dedicated to doing all that we can to help you succeed.

Share your recipe and stay tuned to our accounts as we re-post your submissions and share a few of our own recipes. Remember, the first 50 students to submit a recipe will receive a special prize!