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Meet Outstanding Master's Mentor Dr. Manyu Li

UL Grad School -- 11/12/2020

Dr. Manyu Li is a recipient of the 2020 Outstanding Master’s Mentor Award. This award is presented to members of the graduate faculty with an exceptional record of fostering the academic and professional development of graduate students, particularly for graduate students in the master’s degree program.Dr. Manyu Li

Dr. Li joined the Department of Psychology in 2017, and has involved graduate students in a number of publications and conference presentations.

Her research spans the areas of social, community, and cross-cultural psychology, including the topic of place attachment, or the psychology connections that people form with specific places. She is also interested in cross-cultural studies of migration and immigration.

Dr. Li promotes her students’ success by communicating attentively, training them to be independent learners and scholars, and providing them with opportunities for continual success.

“Graduate students usually come in with much motivation and experience. However, it is unrealistic to assume that they can be independent learners from the beginning,” Dr. Li says.

“Therefore, a mentor’s clear instruction and effective communication are crucial to students’ success.”

For Dr. Li, this means providing concrete expectations for success and allowing for numerous opportunities for feedback before a student begins to work more independently.

Psychology M.S alumna Kristen Black notes, “She maintains an open line of communication with all of her students and is always respectful. Dr. Li provides a structured, learning-conducive environment, while still allowing room for creativity and independence.”

Dr. Li’s mentorship has extended beyond the psychology department. She has also worked with student researchers in fields such as architecture and mathematics.

“The cross-disciplinary work she has been involved in, as well as her research of the social nature, exhibits how she actively supports the academic success of underrepresented students,” Kristen says.

The Graduate School applauds Dr. Li’s dedication to graduate student mentorship and her effective contributions to graduate student success.

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