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Meet Outstanding Master's Mentor Dr. Christy Lenahan

UL Grad School -- 11/11/2020

Dr. Christy Lenahan is a recipient of the 2020 Outstanding Master’s Mentor Award. This award is presented to members of the graduate faculty with an exceptional record of fostering the academic and professional development of graduate students, particularly for graduate students in the master’s degree program.Dr. Lenahan

Dr. Lenahan is an alumna of UL Lafayette’s BSN program and returned to the Department of Nursing as an instructor in Fall 2011 after receiving her MSN and practicing as a certified family nurse practitioner. She has excelled at building positive relationships with her students.

“Students appreciate Christy’s wealth of clinical expertise as an advanced practice nurse and her ability to successfully integrate her knowledge and experiences into FNP courses and interactions with students,”  says Dr. Melinda Oberleitner, dean of the College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions.

Dr. Lenahan’s expertise and strong mentorship skills have earned her a widespread reputation as an exemplary educator.

FNP alumna Chrys Thompson notes that former graduate nursing students universally named Dr. Lenahan as a positive influence.

“My subsequent personal experiences with her served to corroborate what others already knew- that she is an exceptional educator and an inspiring mentor.”

“She assembled a learning environment that was intellectually stimulating, creative, and fun. She fostered our professional growth and education while simultaneously building our confidence and mastery of skill,” she says. 

Dr. Lenahan has also served as the NP clinical coordinator, advising students throughout their MSN curriculum.

She notes that taking students’ unique circumstances and cultural differences into account is key to helping them reach their potential.

“Their success is dependent on my ability to ‘meet them where they are,’” she says.

“Through providing the type of support a student needs at the time they need it, I am able to cultivate a meaningful relationship while facilitating success through specific student goals that are reasonable and obtainable for each individual.”

Dr. Lenahan’s impact is far-reaching, helping students to not only succeed during graduate school, but to best serve their patients and develop their careers.

“Effective mentors in nursing are crucial to expanding the clinical and scientific base of the profession, as mentors role model evidence-based strategies and best practices for students, which ultimately results in superior patient care and organizational outcomes,” says Dr. Melinda Oberleitner.

“Christy epitomizes personal and professional attributes of a successful, inspirational, and valued mentor.”

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