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Meet Outstanding Doctoral Mentor Dr. Magdy Bayoumi

UL Grad School -- 07/18/2022

Dr. Magdy Bayoumi is the department head of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His expertise includes sensing technologies and sensor nodes, data processing, and the management of energy applications to military and security fields.

Earlier this year, Bayoumi was honored as an Outstanding Doctoral Mentor by the Office of the Vice President for Research, Innovation, and Economic Development for 2020-2021.

Providing Research Opportunities

Bayoumi has published over 300 papers in related journals and conferences, and edited, co-edited and co-authored 5 books in his research interests. He has given numerous invited lectures and talks nationally and internationally.

Dozens of graduate students have been involved in his research to date. Bayoumi has advised more than 44 Ph.D. students and approximately 175 master's students.

His research includes work on an artificial intelligence system that can predict epileptic seizures. Dr. Hisham Daoud, who completed a second Ph.D in Computer Engineering at UL Lafayette, worked with Bayoumi to develop the system, which uses EEG data and predictive modeling simultaneously to efficiently detect seizure onset.

Pushing New Developments

Bayoumi also has engaged many graduate students in his work to develop a brain chip that would allow a person to move a prosthetic limb via thought. The brain-computer interface, or BCI, technology, establishes a link between a brain “wired” with a computer chip, for instance, and a device that enables brain signals to direct external activity, such as moving an artificial limb.

In the future, chips may be used to help people paralyzed by spinal cord injuries regain movement, or to monitor brain activity to aid diagnosis and treatment of dementia and mental illness.

Bayoumi’s productivity in his field has been recognized with several awards, including the 2009 IEEE Circuits and Systems Meritorious Service Award and the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society 2003 Education Award. The University previously awarded him with the 1988 Researcher of the Year Award and the 1993 Distinguished Professor award.  

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