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Choosing Which Master's Degree is Right for You in 3 Easy Steps

UL Grad School -- 03/22/2016

UL Lafayette master's degrees

Which master’s degree is for you? How will it push your career further than you ever thought? Choosing which master’s degree to pursue has a lot to do with your personal preferences and career goals. Below are a few key factors to consider and keep in mind when choosing which degree to go after.

How to choose the right master's degree


Start with the end in mind.

The purpose of graduate school is to help you become an expert in your particular field of study. Before choosing which degree or program to pursue, you must first decide what kind of career you want to have and ultimately, what your career goals are.

Masters Degrees from University of Louisiana at LafayetteThink of accessibility and offerings.

Things like time, cost, and location are major accessibility factors to keep in mind when considering your options for your degree. At UL Lafayette, our close proximity to the Gulf coast, close ties to the technology and energy industries, high biological and geological research programs, and well preserved French culture all play an integral part in our graduate programs.

Make the right choice.

There’s a variety of routes you can take, from PhDs to graduate certificates and master’s degrees. Each opens a different door and holds it’s own individual value. The key is to choose the one that is right for you that matches your career goals, aspirations, and personal preferences. UL Lafayette boasts a favorable faculty-to-student ratio and mentoring opportunities. Along with that, the University is consistently ranked among the top 200 research and development universities in the country, with our computer science program ranked among the top 50 schools for research and development.

Find the right master's degree for you!