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All the Thoughts You'll Have the First Day of the Semester as a Grad Student

UL Grad School -- 08/26/2019


First day of grad school!

Let’s geaux!

It feels good to be back on campus.

I missed this place. Smell that collegiate air. It’s going to be a great year.


Wait, where’s that building again?

I can’t see through the sea of undergrads!

Whew. Found the room.

Time to claim my seat for the semester.

I’m with my people!

It feels good to be with my fellow grad students, embarking on this new journey together.


Syllabus time.

Let’s find out what’s on the agenda this semester.

Wait, I have to do how much reading?

That’s the reading for just THIS WEEK?

Feeling overwhelmed now.

Time to get organized...and quick.

OK, time for coffee.

The answer is always coffee. Always.

What am I going to do for lunch?

*Checks University calendar for events with free food* Look! So glad the Grad School knows we need to lunch while we learn. Free pizza!


Time to get started on my reading.

Library time! Because they have databases, printers AND coffee!

Oops. Just spent 30 minutes “getting organized.”

Most of that went to writing down deadlines, University holidays, and other obligations in a planner.

*Reads for four hours*

Not even halfway done. Time for another coffee.

Oh, hi, fellow-grad-student-whose-name-I-can’t remember!

I didn’t realize I would meet quite so many new people today.


Time for a change of scenery — I’ll head home for a break.

*Must resist the urge to return to summer habits*


I need to eat something.

OK, I’ll order pizza JUST this once. I’m going to start meal prepping tomorrow.

Time to knock out the rest of my reading!

*Reads until falls asleep*

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