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10 Best (Worst) Things About Being a Grad Student

UL Grad School -- 04/01/2016

Wonder what it’s like being a grad student? These are some of the best (worst) things about being one.

1. You get to move somewhere new to start working toward your graduate degree.
A place with which you’re unfamiliar and don’t know where to grab a drink after working on coursework for 15 hours straight, let alone actually have anyone to go with.

2. You’re considered a totally respectable, capable human being
...if respectable, capable human beings wear sweatpants 4-5 days a week.

3. You’ve never felt more confident
...that your hypothesis is wrong and the experiment you’re in the middle of is a complete waste of time.

4. You’re really good at saving money
...but mostly because you have none.

5. You eat pizza for dinner 5 nights a week
...because you don’t have time to make anything else.

6. You shake with excitement when writing your dissertation
...or maybe that’s the 10 gallons of coffee you drank kicking in.

7. Sleep, school & social life
...pick two.

8. Your work is always within arms reach
...because it’s sprawled throughout your house and you always have your laptop with you.

9. You get to prove yourself
...but only after failing numerous times.

10. You realize the work you do is valuable
...even after being picked apart, critiqued, rejected, and differed multiple times.