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Graduate Assistantships

Most graduate assistantships—whether teaching, research, or administrative focused—are awarded on a competitive basis, with academic merit being the primary consideration. Typically, individual graduate programs and research faculty members or centers award these assistantships, but many administrative offices on campus also hire graduate assistants.

How to Apply

Complete the Assistantship Application and upload it to your application portal or deliver it in person. This application will be shared with your graduate program. 

To be considered for assistantship funding, an Assistantship Application and all required application materials must be received by the assistantship deadline for the semester in which you are applying. 

Assistantship Application Deadlines

Semester Deadline
Fall March 1
Spring November 1

Individual graduate degree programs may adhere to different program deadlines. Please contact your graduate coordinator directly for deadline information.


Make sure to contact your graduate coordinator directly to find out about teaching and research assistantships available in your program of study.

To find out about assistantships outside of individual graduate programs, contact individual offices and research centers on campus, follow the UL Lafayette Grad School Facebook page for GA Opening announcements, and check out postings on the Office of Career Services website.

Important Guidelines & Policies

Graduate assistantships—including Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA), Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA), and Graduate Assistantships (GA)—are governed by policies outlined in the University Catalog.

Individual graduate programs also have guidelines and resources available for GTAs, GRAs, and GAs. Contact your graduate coordinator for more information.

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