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Ready to be a graduate student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette? Know all of the requirements and deadlines for applying to your specific program? Great! Then it's time to take the big step!

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First-Time users will create an account using your email address and a password 8 characters or greater. Remember this information for future log-ins. 

Graduate School Application Process

1. Application Submission

  • Create an account
  • Start your application
  • Submit the application form and choose “pay now” or “pay later.”

2. Completion of Application Item Requirements

  • Click on the application items tab to start uploading documents and create reference requests. (Note: you can only view the full application item checklist and reference section after the application form is submitted).
  • Within 1-2 business days of submitting your application, the Graduate School will review your application form. Your application item checklist may be modified at this time. Go to the application items tab to review any changes.
  • Within 2-3 business days, any materials we have received electronically or by mail (i.e., official test scores or official transcripts) will be added to your file and marked on the checklist in your application portal.

3. Graduate School Review

  • Once all required application materials are submitted, the Graduate School will begin an evaluation of your file.
  • If your materials are satisfactory and no additional information is required to complete the Graduate School’s evaluation, your application will then be sent to the graduate program to which you have applied for review.

4. Graduate Program Review

  • The time-to-decision varies greatly by program. While some programs have rolling admissions and make recommendations on applications within days, others review applications by committee once a month, once a semester, or even once a year. Contact the program’s graduate coordinator to inquire about their timeline for application review.

5. Decision

  • Once the Graduate School receives the program’s recommendation regarding admission, a final review is conducted. You will be contacted by email once your decision letter is available to view in the application portal. Admitted students should review the information on next steps here.


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