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Transcript Requirements

Academic transcripts, which provide a complete history of your education, play an important role in the graduate admission process.

Your application must include transcripts from all colleges or universities you have attended. You must submit an official transcript even if you took college-level courses through dual enrollment, took a course for transfer credit, withdrew from the institution, or have not yet received a degree. Transcripts cannot be older than one year and must be current, up-to-date transcripts.

To expedite the evaluation process, you may upload copies of official transcripts to the application portal. Please review our guidelines for uploading your transcripts. We cannot accept transcripts emailed to us by applicants.

If you are admitted using transcripts uploaded to the application portal, we will need to receive an official transcript from each institution in order to verify your academic credentials.

The Graduate School must receive official transcripts from each institution before the start of your first semester of study. If you are taking classes or completing a degree during the application process, we must receive a final transcript that includes final grades and proof of degree (if a degree was obtained).

International students receiving an I-20 must have official transcripts and proof of degree(s) sent from each institution before an I-20 will be issued or transferred.

If official transcripts are not received or are inconsistent with those provided during the application process, admission will be rescinded.

Please note that transcript documents submitted to the Graduate School become the property of the University and cannot be returned or released.

Applicants are encouraged to arrange for official transcripts to be sent to the Graduate School as soon as possible, and even before admission. Official transcripts can arrive at the Graduate School in the following ways.

Transcripts in Mail or in Person

Official transcripts must arrive in the original sealed envelope that shows they were clearly issued by the originating institution, with an institutional stamp or signature on the closed envelope flap.

Our mailing address is:
  UL Lafayette Graduate School
  Martin Hall Suite 332
  PO Box 43716
  Lafayette, LA 70504-3716

Electronic Transcripts

If your institution uses Parchment, eScrip-Safe, or National Student Clearinghouse, please direct the service to send official transcripts electronically to

UL Lafayette Transcripts

If you have previously attended UL Lafayette (as an undergraduate or graduate student), you do not need to provide an official transcript from UL Lafayette. The Graduate School will request one on your behalf. Please note that, if you have attended other universities, we will need new copies of transcripts from these institutions.

For International Transcripts

All international official transcripts submitted to the Graduate School must be submitted in the institution’s native language and include a diploma/degree certificate.

Individual mark sheets are required for certain countries (including, but not limited to: India, Nepal, and Bangladesh) and must include all repeated and failing grades. If only copies of individual mark sheets are available, the Registrar or Controller of Examiners must officially attest the copy, and the document must be sent to us in a sealed envelope.

A certified, literal/exact English translation is required for any documents not originally issued in English.

If your transcript does not specifically state that a degree has been conferred, you also must submit an official (or attested) diploma showing conferral of a degree. A copy from the Registrar or Controller of Examiners must be received by our office in a sealed envelope. Please note that transcripts must be attested by the institution that is conferring your degree.