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Campus Life & Community at UL Lafayette

As part of a vibrant city with a culture as unique as the food on your plate, UL Lafayette works hard to welcome its student  body into the community and culture of one of the Happiest Cities in America.

Lafayette, located in Southwest Louisiana, is a buzzing, vibrant city that offers graduate students plenty of research and networking opportunities. It is also, simply put, just a fun place to live. Our diverse cultural history has helped this area become a community that prides itself on music, dancing, food, and celebrating life. Indeed, the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch has named Lafayette the “Happiest City in America.”

With numerous festivals, great food, museums and art galleries, live music, and a variety of outdoor activities, Lafayette has something for everyone.

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Grad Life at UL Lafayette

Graduate school requires focus and presents challenges, but there are many resources at UL Lafayette to help you along the way. These are some of the most important for grad students.

And don’t forget about the Graduate School. We offer opportunities year-round to meet other grad students, engage in professional development opportunities, and be recognized. Check out some of our events.

But grad school is much more than just going to class, writing papers, and doing research. It’s important to step back every now and then and participate in campus events, meet new people, embrace the local culture, and explore your surroundings.